Hi, I'm Nick and I am a Storyteller.

My aesthetic is modern, romantic, elegant, and timeless. I like to take creative liberties through my perspective, but balance my approach with a soft, refined, authentic filter. I love to create artwork for people that will take them right back to that special moment in time. There are so many priceless moments in life that just remembering can not do justice.

Discretely capturing the raw beauty of the moment . Calmly embracing the unknowns. Helping people feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera and celebrating the individuality of each client is my goal.

I know that everyone does not feel comfortable in front of a camera so providing lots of direction, encouragement, positivity and a fun time is very important to me. I want to showcase the essence and individuality of my clients in an epic and beautiful way, not just get a nice photo. That is why it is important for me to follow through even after the photo session is over by offering a review session. I enjoy helping my clients choose, refine, and print their photos on the perfect medium, and in the right size that will showcase their artwork best.